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  • introduces OLLS as a company that combines deep operational experience with advanced data processing technology
  • specializes in analyzing complex data sets, optimizing processes, and automating decision-making.
  • highlights expertise in database querying, data visualization, and machine learning, aiming to transform complex data into actionable insights for businesses.

2. About us

  • dives into OLLS's background, emphasizing decades of experience in supply chain optimization and operational consulting.
  • showcases successful partnerships across various industries and their commitment to enhancing operations to achieve business goals.

3. Services

  • Control Tower Platform: offers a proprietary platform for enhanced logistics planning, process improvement, efficient claims management, and real-time shipment monitoring, focusing on visibility and data-driven decision-making.
  • The Observatory Platform (TOP): designed to integrate various stakeholders and roles within an organization, facilitating real-time communication and transparent analytics.

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