We Make Data Meaningful

Analyse complex data sets, optimize processes, and automate decision-making effortlessly.

At OLLS, we combine deep operational experience with advanced data processing technology to empower businesses in decision-making, forecasting, and risk management.

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Where Technology Meets
Human Expertise

We're not just about delivering a good scalable logistics solution.

With decades of hands-on experience in database querying, we excel in a comprehensive range of tools and frameworks encompassing multiple programming languages, advanced data visualization, and cutting-edge machine learning libraries.

We guide you in deciphering and transforming your complex data streams into actionable insights, driving efficiency and profitability for your business.

Technology Advancement



With decades of experience in supply chain optimization and operational consulting, we have successfully partnered with diverse industries, enhancing their operations to achieve their business goals.



Our innovative Control Tower Platform provides you with real-time visibility into your business processes, using data analytics and modelling to identify inefficiencies, potential risk and business opportunities.



We are committed to prioritizing sustainability in every aspect of our services. We are dedicated to delivering logistics solutions that are not only effective today but also sustainable for tomorrow.